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Transitions: the Kindergarten edition

I’m sitting in the library, attempting to write. And although I am following proper sound-blocking protocol (ear plugs+head phones+sound cancelling+white noise), a few muffled shrieks from the kids’ area upstairs still penetrate the border wall I have erected on the sides of my head. I have mixed feelings about those shrieks. Mostly, because I am… Continue reading Transitions: the Kindergarten edition

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People who live in small houses (part 1)

Do you ever read home improvement magazines/blogs etc., and think to yourself "I could live a pristine, organized life, too, if I had a million dollars and a custom-designed house?" Those articles always irritate me a little. Like, it's not that hard to make things work when you have unlimited space and funds and maybe… Continue reading People who live in small houses (part 1)


Passionate patience: a paradox?

Ahhh. I'm so good at being patient this afternoon. I'm sitting in a coffee shop with a cuppa in my hand and some chocolate in my belly, and feeling pretty good about my patience levels. In fact, I'm feeling so patient, I'm pretty much comatose. That wasn't the case this morning. When we were running… Continue reading Passionate patience: a paradox?