I’ve worked on a variety of editing projects. Unfortunately, they’re challenging to showcase:  understandably, not everyone wants to have the ‘before and after’ versions of their material displayed publicly. To get around this, I’ve included links to projects I’ve worked on that are already online, and included descriptions of the material that is private.

If you’d like an estimate on an editing project, or you want to see a sample markup, please email me using the contact form on this site.

Expat Life magazine (formerly known as Expat Ladies in Bangkok)

I was a features editor for Expat Life magazine in Bangkok. This role included planning content, copyediting, proofreading, working with freelancers, and representing the magazine at various functions. I learned a tremendous amount about the magazine industry, and about effective written communication. Click here to view the online version of the magazine.

Journal of Military and Strategic Studies

I was an assistant at the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary. This role involved reading the papers that JMSS received, and researching the topics they represented. I contacted experts to request peer reviews, and corresponded with them throughout the review process. I also assisted the Journal in designing advertisements.  Click here to view the Journal.

“From Bahrain to Bangkok” by Jalal Tarazi

I contributed substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading to this ebook, which details one teacher’s international career. Click here to view the book.

Contract work for private clients

Thai advertising group:

I anglicized and copyedited an array of advertisements for a Thai client who was the local contact for several major international companies.

Swedish pastor:

I anglicized and copyedited a booklet on spiritual discipline for the pastor of an international church in Thailand.

Academic papers:

I copyedited, proofread, and critiqued papers for students at the undergraduate, Master’s and doctoral levels.