Resist the self-improvement craze

Cut out the navel-gazing. Put on your No hat. Suppress your feelings. Read a novel - not a self-help book or biography. Not your average advice in a culture obsessed with perpetual self-improvement. But Svend Brinkmann's book, "Stand Firm: Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze," is not a typical self-help book. The Danish philosopher was sick of … Continue reading Resist the self-improvement craze

Being happy all the time is ridiculous

I was sitting in a coffee shop near my dentist's office. I just had my teeth cleaned, which is always a treat - is it weird that I get excited to read old People magazines in a waiting room by myself? The orange fluoride (mint was on backorder??) my hygienist applied mingled with the decaf … Continue reading Being happy all the time is ridiculous

Find your passion: worst advice ever?

Ok, so I've heard worse advice, some of it from my husband.* But I was intrigued when I read an article on The Atlantic entitled " 'Find your passion' is awful advice."  It's always been one of those sayings I love to hate, so of course I clicked on the link. The phrase is ubiquitous in … Continue reading Find your passion: worst advice ever?

Zoning out vs. Restoration

I have a confession to make: I'm a zoner outer. The right genetic material and years of diligent practice have combined to give me the ability to completely detach myself from the world around me. Parenthood has mercifully put some parameters around this - I have to stay somewhat alert when I'm the sole adult … Continue reading Zoning out vs. Restoration

Sharing the earth with other humans is a grind

I had a bit of a moment today. A moment where the paint thinner of life smeared itself all over the thin layer of niceness I try to coat myself with when I'm in public. And it wasn't even my kids this time. My amazing in-laws had taken the girls for a chunk of the … Continue reading Sharing the earth with other humans is a grind

Time management: for dummies?

In a previous decade of my life, I actually did sorta secretly think time management was for dummies. Or, at least, for structure-obsessed people like engineers (sorry, honey), accountants and the like. You know, people who care about details and getting stuff done. Not people who just roll with stuff and are drunk on the … Continue reading Time management: for dummies?

Passionate patience: a paradox?

Ahhh. I'm so good at being patient this afternoon. I'm sitting in a coffee shop with a cuppa in my hand and some chocolate in my belly, and feeling pretty good about my patience levels. In fact, I'm feeling so patient, I'm pretty much comatose. That wasn't the case this morning. When we were running … Continue reading Passionate patience: a paradox?

The time I (sorta, kinda) KonMari™ -ed my house

It all started off innocently enough. It was a crisp autumn day in late September, and our little family was on a little getaway to visit our friends on their little organic farm.* We were envisioning a wholesome weekend of organic labour in the sunshine, powered by organic eggs laid by their organic hens. It … Continue reading The time I (sorta, kinda) KonMari™ -ed my house

Third-of-a-life crisis

I was going to start this blog with a joke about how long it's been since I last wrote, but that seems like a monotonous road to go down - pretty much every post could start out that way. So I'll just say that I'm pleased to be back. It's that time of year when … Continue reading Third-of-a-life crisis