This is a selection of my published work.


(the links below are to the online versions of the articles that originally ran in the print editions)


So You Think You Can Sing (Or Dance or Act)? 10 Amateur Arts Groups in Calgary

Expat Life in Thailand (formerly Expat Ladies in Bangkok)

I wrote many articles for this magazine. Unfortunately, most of the pre-2017 issues are not available online.

Expat Ladies Mission Statement

Expat Parents in Thailand

Life with a newborn


Top of the Mo


Raising fish alongside plants? “Water farmers” dive into aquaponics

Former ill-reputed Ogden Hotel now a welcoming Victory Manor

Anatolia Turkish Cuisine straddles homeland and North American tastes


My personal/travel blog from the two years I spent in Thailand:

The Facetious Farang

Guest Posts

The following blogs have either published guest posts that I’ve written, or have interviewed me.

Travel Buzz

ChickyNet Thailand



My Life Abroad: A Selection of Expat Stories (contributor)

Academic Writing

And if you’re really looking for a little light reading, check out my thesis on US-Pakistan relations. You’ve been warned.