I’m a thirty-something Calgarian with a passion for writing and editing. I’m a blogger, an editor, and a freelancer for a variety of Canadian and international magazines.

I’ve always loved words, but it wasn’t until a serendipitous international move that I realized I could actually build a career out of them. Freshly armed with a Master’s degree in Military and Strategic Studies (sounds fiercer than it is), I followed my husband and his career to Bangkok. I blogged about the joys, frustrations, and seemingly endless quantities of fish sauce that I encountered as an expat in Thailand on The Facetious Farang.  Exposure that I received from my blog led to a job as a features editor at Expat Ladies in Bangkok magazine (later rebranded as Expat Life). Working for the magazine gave me the chance to write articles, to copyedit, and to work with writers to develop content. It was the perfect nursery for a fledgling writer. I also completed a series of editing projects with a Thai advertising company.

Several years later, I’m back in Calgary. My household has expanded to include two adorable, chunkalicious daughters. We share one of east Calgary’s undersung neighbourhoods with roughly 10 abandoned houses and 5000 graphic designers. I’ve been published in magazines such as swerve, Impact, and Avenue, while continuing my development as a writer and editor through courses at Mount Royal University and the Alexandra Writers’ Centre.

I love finding quirky stories, subtly digging information out of people, and eating butter. I welcome writing and editing opportunities, reader feedback, and potty training tips.