Neighbours: the condemned-house-next-door edition

If you read my previous post about Kevin Costner filming a movie in our next door neighbour's house, I'm sure you've been muttering the following script under your breath: "Ruth, it is just sooo fascinating that Kevin "Prince of Thieves" Costner filmed a movie in the house directly north of yours. There must be something … Continue reading Neighbours: the condemned-house-next-door edition

Being happy all the time is ridiculous

I was sitting in a coffee shop near my dentist's office. I just had my teeth cleaned, which is always a treat - is it weird that I get excited to read old People magazines in a waiting room by myself? The orange fluoride (mint was on backorder??) my hygienist applied mingled with the decaf … Continue reading Being happy all the time is ridiculous

Sharing the earth with other humans is a grind

I had a bit of a moment today. A moment where the paint thinner of life smeared itself all over the thin layer of niceness I try to coat myself with when I'm in public. And it wasn't even my kids this time. My amazing in-laws had taken the girls for a chunk of the … Continue reading Sharing the earth with other humans is a grind

Third-of-a-life crisis

I was going to start this blog with a joke about how long it's been since I last wrote, but that seems like a monotonous road to go down - pretty much every post could start out that way. So I'll just say that I'm pleased to be back. It's that time of year when … Continue reading Third-of-a-life crisis